Vendor Services

Your board of directors routinely contacts various home related service providers in Bloomington to negotiate discount rates for services you need to keep your home in top condition.


The following page lists current discount rates for various routine services. Sometime we get a flat-rate discount regardless of volume, and sometimes we can get a progressive rate that is based on increasing volume. Read the offers carefully!



Power Washing Of Home Siding


PowerWasher Plus by Shane Emily


April 2016 discount for Gentry Estates home siding power wash. This discount is for service performed in April only. You must mention you are located in Gentry Estates, and are requesting the negotiated flat-rate for service in April. This is a flat-rate discount for all Gentry Estates Residents: Contact Shane Emily at 812-334-3850, or via email at to schedule your April service .

  • 1 story home, $145
  • 2 story home, $175
  • 3 story home, $210
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