Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Below is a copy of the Gentry Estates Association Inc Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. In addition to the CCR’s we have published the current enforcement standards, as well as guidance on current enforcement standards and high interest topics.


Please be advised that a document viewer will appear below with the CC&Rs. It may take a few moments for the document and viewer to load and or display on your computer, it is a very large document. A PDF version is also available for download by clicking on the link.


Solar Electric Panel Systems

Solar electric panel systems are not addressed by the CC&R’s; therefore, installation is not regulated by the Gentry Estates Association Inc. Regulation of these devices is per the International Residential Code (IRC) and any local code requirements. Always consult or use a trusted electrician for installation and maintenance of any solar electric generating equipment.


Satellite TV Systems

Satellite dishes such as Direct TV™ are not addressed or discussed in the CC&R’s; therefore installation is not regulated by the Gentry Estates Association. It is very important to properly ground your dish for lightning suppression. Use of an 8 foot long copper-clad grounding rod driven into the earth as close to the dish unit as possible is ideal. NOTE: It is quite rare for satellite TV installation technicians to install any lightning ground rods. We advise you to inspect for this in your units at time of installation, and annually for proper integrity.


On and off street parking

On-street overnight parking is prohibited per our CC&Rs. Parking over or on any sidewalk is prohibited by city code, and my result in a citation by the city of Bloomington. Please be kind, and keep the sidewalk free and clear.



CC&Rs are legally enforceable against the homeowner even when occupied by a tenant. Any tenant residing in Gentry Estates is obligated to comply with all applicable CC&Rs and local ordinances. 



Payment of required dues cannot be made part of your home loan escrow like taxes or insurance. Payment of dues is the owner's responsibility.



Gentry Estates Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
Gentry Estates Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions. Official and current covenants of the legal record.
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